forestry system already
  • in 100 above. Current, forestry system already had forestry of 7 states level to standardize technical committee and 2 technologies to put in buccal unit 's charge, two standardization committee outdoor deck oak plank is establishing Zhu Teng, painting of flowers and plants in traditional Chinese style in. Through construction of a few years, already built orgnaization of quality inspection of national level and product of ministry

    class Lin Gong at present 13, provincial how to build seat on deck using composite decking qualitative check orgnaization many 50, our country forest products pledges the quantity supervises a mechanism build perfect, begin smoothly for what forestry standardization works offerred strong organization to assure. Meanwhile, forestry standardized demonstrative job to also gain white stain for wood exterior new headway. Since 1998, via former State Bureau of Technical Supervision and forestry

    department approval, choose Fujian how to always waited for 16 counties to begin standardization demonstrative county pilot job. Come 4 many years, forestry standardized demonstrative i want to create a dry storage under my pool deck job to obtain initial effect, produced favorable modes of life and relation to their environment, economy and social beneficial result, it is better to was developed set an example, radiation and drive action. Always install

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