survival of the flooring companies
  • This leads to a serious price war in the market, and ultimately the interests of manufacturers and consumers will be damaged. To this end, companies need to increase product development efforts, starting from the aspects of craftsmanship, styles, and other aspects to create new floors in the market.

    The strategy for survival of the flooring companies needs to strengthen the product innovation. However, for the sake of survival, will there be no other businesses mimicking these products? The person in charge of the brand floor company said: Good floor technology and style are more sophisticated and complex,

    so it is very difficult to imitate, and the cost is also large. Competitors' products are not basically similar, and the uniqueness of the product determines the non-replicability of the product. Jin Jiuyin 10 Many people say that business is not as good as expected, but brand companies are not, and the brand floor business market is as hot as ever.

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