formaldehyde released in a smaller space
  • Not only that, in the European standard ENV17-1, the detection method of E1 sheet is different from the dryer method commonly used in China, but the climate box method is used. That is, the European E1 standard emphasizes the concentration of sheet metal in the indoor air;

    and the desiccator method based on Japan detects the amount of sheet formaldehyde released in a smaller space. In other words, even if there is a so-called E0 standard in the European standards, the detection method is also related to the amount of formaldehyde released by some companies that is 0.5 mg/L.

    What did you do to eradicate heavy metal Heavy metals were not detected in the 4 brands of children's furniture. This is good news, but also because the past performance is too bad. On the day before the Children’s Day this year, the AQSIQ continuously issued quality and safety warnings for children's furniture,

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