heavy metal content and other indicators
  • In terms of “formaldehyde emission”, the four branded products submitted were all lower than the 1.5 mg/L limit required by the new national standard. For Chinese consumers who talked about the discoloration of drugs, several brands of children's furniture had a good news and bad news on harmful substances.

    Since August 2014, "Consumer Reports" has successively sent inspections to third-party testing organizations with authoritative qualifications for children's furniture under the four mainstream brands of Colorful Life, Cool Manju, Ikea and Songbao Kingdom to carry out heavy metal content and other indicators.

    Comparison test. It is somewhat gratifying that none of the four children's lockers and children's tables under inspection have detected eight kinds of migrating heavy metals such as lead, mercury, antimony, and chromium. In terms of formaldehyde emission,

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