the last piece of cake in the pan-home
  • reaching 29.17% by 2016. Meanwhile, the market demand will usher in a period of rapid growth. It is estimated that the market size of China's smart home industry in 2017 will reach 8.0 billion yuan. In the industry from the initial stage to the stage of growth,

    there will inevitably be numerous opportunities to emerge, and many events will be irritating. In the end, who can come out on top? REVIEW: As a breakdown of the home market, China's wardrobe industry can be described as thriving. In recent years, in order to snatch the market that is called "the last piece of cake in the pan-home industry",

    many giant companies have "cross-border" to enter the overall wardrobe industry, and will push competition to the spotlight. What is the charm of the overall wardrobe development? From the surface of the product, the overall wardrobe exudes fashion minimalist atmosphere,

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