the importance attached to this issue
  • Daily and major Internet mainstream media reproduced in the coverage of this incident, the wrong list of qualified products will be mistaken as a list of unqualified products announced, and published in the substandard parquet product brand When missing out individual businesses.

    Through the above analysis, the Chinese flooring network to be confirmed: Carpoly, Xin Ze Ling, Hongxiang, Fubon, Tefalgar, PERGO, Rococo, Haiti in this test is qualified products. In addition, the Chinese floor network contacted the exposure of some countries Mianjian enterprises exposed,

    they unanimously expressed the importance attached to this issue, and actively get in touch with the Trade and Industry Bureau of Shenyang City, the test results questioned in the near future will be proposed re-examination requirements . China floor network will continue to pay attention to this incident.

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