public construction to act
  • land in bedroom and public construction to act the role of material. Product the main characteristic that much, brand is market of floor of our country wood more, swiffer and accidents on slippery wood floors the addition of sales volume, make complain relevantly to it also show ascendant sign, these complaining concern with laid more, and solve it is very difficult still to rise, investigate its reason, because trader of a few

    floors sells small store again,plastic nail up ceiling tiles be on one hand; On the other hand, do not have standard of quality of wooden floor laid to concern all the time with our country. Below this kind of circumstance, building of current association and association of Chinese interior decoration, China decorates Chinese lumber association and company of production of floor of a few Best Deck Material Review 2015 well-known trademarks drafted two

    afore-mentioned standards jointly, and by national classics trade appoint release announcement to give carry out, this will conduce to the market competition ability outside prefab stairs that enhances floor of our country wood to produce a business, in the meantime, the market that can improve those to pay attention to product quality and laid quality business owns rate and brand famous degree. Is building

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