Crushing machinery
  • Due to the growing stage, most of China's industrial production mode for a long time for extensive, although yield improved significantly, but it was a lot of waste resources, the environment has also been a lot of damage, environmental problems have severely affected people's normal life. Saving resources and protecting the environment have become the actions advocated by the whole world. The mine crushing machinery industry as a resource to use the larger industry, also should do their part.

    To achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, mining machinery needs to work on the improvement of mechanical properties. For example, in the improvement of equipment performance of the ore crusher, energy saving and emission reduction, high efficiency and low consumption. Although the production of mineral equipment in China is very high, international markets in Africa and Latin America and other underdeveloped countries have opened up the market, but in some developed countries in Europe and America, the market is not booming.

    Mineral crushing equipment main products are ore crusher, some developed countries, is very high to the requirement of energy-saving equipment, and domestic products can not meet the need of product compared with the developed country, our country's high energy consumption of the crushing machinery, cannot effectively save resources.

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