buy floor decoration or floor tiles
  • From the market status quo, a considerable number of ceramic tile distributors will focus on the public installed, more inclined to do the project. Recently there are industry analysts said that the next five years, tiles will withdraw from the main stage home improvement,

    and the wooden floor will be replaced. So brick is not really away from home improvement? The following through the floor tiles and wood flooring costs, maintenance, environmental protection in three aspects of the comparison, perhaps the heart of consumers to buy floor decoration or floor tiles have a child.

    Than the cost: Floor tiles above the floor price of wood flooring: 150-400 yuan / square meter Solid wood flooring: 150-400 yuan / square meter Laminate flooring: 100-150 yuan / square meters Floor tiles: decorative company Installation: 35-40 Yuan / square meters floor tiles shipped to the home Handling costs:

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