wood flooring industry is under
  • the State Administration of Taxation Caishui [2006] 33' on the adjustment and improvement of consumption tax policy notice 'clearly stipulates that solid wood flooring and wood composite Wood flooring and solid wood finger join the floor plus 5% consumption tax. However, the growth of wood flooring industry slowed down since 2008,

    and the demand in the domestic market is not strong. As the downstream industry of real estate industry, the overall development of wood flooring industry is under severe test. Sales of home building materials retail market decline again, to varying degrees of cut or stop production of wood flooring industry once again sounded the alarm. As a

    result, the industry for the abolition of the wood floor consumption tax growing louder. Since the original 'relief' is imperative, today's 'tax' just around the corner since 2012, China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association - Wood Flooring Professional Committee visited Nanxun, Wujiang, Shanghai, Guangdong and other

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